CUPC 2021’s panels offer a variety of insights into the field of physics; whether it be your first year in university, or your final year of studies before entering the field professionally. Read about our scheduled panels below, and meet the panellists by clicking the links provided after the event descriptions!

Undergraduate Mentorship

Entering university or being in the early stages of your undergraduate degree can be intimidating and confusing. With this panel, we hope to connect students with senior students who will answer their questions regarding undergraduate physics degrees, life as university students, and much more. This event will also allow senior students to grow their leadership skills while guiding fellow students.

Meet the undergraduate panellists here!

A Day in the Life of a Physicist

With the ongoing pandemic, it has been difficult for students to find opportunities to shadow Physicists, secure industry related jobs and volunteering placements. With this panel, we aim to give students the opportunity to experience the field of physics they might be interested in. In the panel we are bringing in a certified Medical Physicist, Research Scientists, Defense Scientist, and a Chief Quantum Officer.  Students will further be allowed to ask the panellists about their careers, the road they took to get there and about their day-to-day responsibilities and tasks.

Meet our industry professionals for this panel here!

Finding success outside of your studies: How to take the next step

Need some career advice? In this panel, career specialists will be available to give advice on how to find and secure research positions, and jobs within the industry during and after the students’ undergraduate degrees. The panellists will guide you through your job search, give insight in regards to what to expect during the interview process, and will share some tips to having a successful professional career.

Meet our career specialists here!