Frequently Asked Questions

Common Hotel Reimbursement Questions and Answers!

Me and my friend(s) are sharing a hotel room, are we each eligible for the $100 reimbursement each night?

No, unfortunately. The reimbursement is PER ROOM, not per attendee, so only one of you can apply for the reimbursement. If multiple people submit the same receipt, we’ll only send the money to one of you (but please don’t do this!).

Do I have to book at the Delta Hotel to be eligible for this reimbursement?

No!! It doesn’t matter where you book your accommodations! The Delta is convenient because it’s where most of the conference is taking place, but some students may prefer to stay at the Days Inn (about a 2 minute walk from the Delta) or to organize their own accommodations. As long as you’re paying for your accommodations, we’ll reimburse up to $100 of that cost per night.

I’m staying at a friend’s place/at home during the conference. Can I still get reimbursed?

No. Only attendees that have to pay for accommodations are eligible for this reimbursement. If you are not paying for a hotel room/airb&b/etc, you are not eligible for the accommodation reimbursement.

Does it matter how many/which days I’m staying at the hotel?

The hotel reimbursement is (up to) $100/room/night throughout the duration of the conference. So, if you are staying for the whole conference, you are eligible for up to $300 in reimbursements ($100 for each of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night). If you choose to arrive a day early (Wednesday night) or stay a date late (Sunday night), you are not eligible for the reimbursement on those nights. If you are staying in a hotel for only part of the conference, you are eligible for the reimbursement only for the nights you stay. So, if you only book a hotel for the Friday and Saturday nights for example, you are eligible for up to $200 in reimbursements.