Conference Registration for Attendees



Thank you for your interest in CUPC 2022! Most of the conference will be hosted at the Delta Hotel, a five minute walk from the centre of University of Guelph campus. There will be some events hosted on campus. The registration fee for this year’s conference is $250. We are all looking forward to seeing you there – our team is working hard to prepare for the best conference possible!

Note: not included in this registration fee is the price of booking a hotel room at the Delta, which is about $230 per room per night. However, the CUPC organizing committee is providing a $100 reimbursement per night per room to students that register – therefore, the price per night is $130 per room per night! (Please note that this is a reimbursement, not a direct discount: students can expect to receive a $100 discount after the conference.)

For accommodations, we encourage you to coordinate with friends to stay together and save money. If you are looking for potential roommates or accommodations you can look on our official CUPC 2022 discord server.


Exhibitor Registration



If you are an exhibitor, please click on the button labeled “Exhibitors Only” to register your booth at the Industry and Graduate Studies fair.



Disclaimer: Cost of CUPC 2022

The CUPC 2022 organizing committee has received some questions asking why the registration fee for this year’s conference is higher than that of CUPC 2021. CUPC 2022 is a hybrid in-person and online event that students will be attending (versus last year’s exclusively online conference), which leads to higher costs for things such as food prices and event spaces. This year’s registration fees is comparable to those of previous in-person CUPC events.  Your contributions (in the form of the admission prices) will go a long way to help make this year’s conference the best it can possibly be.

If you have any other questions, attendees who register will receive a follow-up email explaining some additional information regarding CUPC 2022, such as travel bursaries and accommodation information. Please feel free to email the CUPC planning committee if you have any specific questions!