Undergraduate Delegates

Science Communication Competition

With science communication becoming increasingly important, especially with current affairs being very science-focused, we would like to offer delegates an opportunity to showcase and practice their science communication skills. Using physics prompts provided by the CUPC team, delegates can create a short video (~5 minutes) explaining a complex concept or answering a complex question to a younger audience.

Before providing further details, we would love to hear if this is something you would like to see/participate in at CUPC 2021. You can fill out this pre-interest form to let us know and leave any additional comments, ideas, or suggestions as well!

Undergraduate Mentorship Panel

This year, would like to introduce an Undergraduate Mentorship Panel. The panellists will include undergraduate physics students from across Canada who will provide advice to senior high school students who are interested in possibly applying to an undergraduate physics program. This also allows an opportunity for upper-year students to give advice to delegates in their first or second year of undergraduate study.

If this is something of interest to you, whether you would like to be one of our panellists or simply an attendee, let us know through this same form.