Overcoming Adversity: Perspectives from a Queer Woman of Colour

Friday November 6th | 1:30 – 2:30 pm EST

The workshop will focus on overcoming adversity and Vanessa’s personal experiences as a Queer Woman of Color, and will have a discussion-based portion following a presentation

Vanessa Raponi

Vanessa Raponi is the Founder of EngiQueers Canada – a national non-profit that advocates for intersectional queer inclusion in the engineering profession. EQ has brought Vanessa from coast-to-coast to present in panels, sessions and talks as an expert in Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. Vanessa is a Product Development Engineer-In-Training at Spin Master – a Canadian founded, international toy company that created such brands as Paw Patrol and Hatchimals (meaning, she designs and creates toys for a living!). Vanessa is living proof that against all odds – as a queer woman of colour, and a survivor overcoming mental illness – anyone can thrive in STEM.  

Vanessa’s Socials:

Twitter (@vanessa_raponi) | Instagram (@vanessaraquelraponi) | Youtube