Scholarships and Awards

This workshop will explore the sometimes-baffling science of scholarship and awards applications. We’ll discuss what makes a good application, where you might find scholarships and awards to apply for and, in the end, why it is worth investing your time in applications, even if you don’t end up winning them all.

Join our workshop host, Dr. Ben Newling, in his session about finding and securing scholarships and awards on Sunday, November 7th from 12:15 – 1:00 pm!

Meet the Host!

Dr. Ben Newling (he/him)

Director of Student Affairs, CAP and Professor, University of New Brunswick

Ben grew up in the UK, completing his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Cambridge. He worked at the University of Surrey and Unilever plc. before moving to Canada in 2002 to take up a faculty position at the University of New Brunswick. He has recently tidied his office, which was a much more impressive achievement than it sounds.

Ben Newling supervises graduate students working in magnetic resonance and in physics education research. 

At the UNB MRI Centre, Ben is particularly interested in improving magnetic resonance methods for the study of mass transport (e.g. “Gas and Liquid Phase Imaging of Foam Flow Using Pure Phase Encode Magnetic Resonance Imaging“).

In physics education, he is interested in all aspects of introductory physics instruction, particularly in introductory laboratory classes and in classroom demonstrations.

Learn more about UNB’s MRI Research Centre at this website.