Keynote Speakers

We are so excited to share our keynote speakers with you! From astronomy to biophysics, you are sure to find a keynote lecture that interests you at CUPC 2021.

Dr. Al-Amin Dhirani (he/him)

University of Toronto 

Al-Amin Dhirani obtained his Ph.D. in experimental surface physics from University of Chicago in 1996. He pursued postdoctoral studies involving experiment and theory in atom optics at MIT from 1996-1998. In 1999, he accepted an assistant professorship in the Chemistry Department at University of Toronto. In 2004, he was promoted to associate professor, and is also cross-appointed to the Physics Department. His current research focuses on nanostructured materials, electronics and condensed matter physics. You can find more information about Dr. Al-Amin Dhirani at this website.

To read the abstract for his CUPC 2021 keynote lecture, Nanoengineering materials from the bottom-up: a new approach towards understanding long outstanding challenges in condensed matter science,” click here.

Dr. Eric De Giuli (he/him)

Ryerson University

Eric De Giuli completed a H.BSc in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Toronto in 2006. He continued his studies at the University of British Columbia, obtaining aMSc in Geophysics in 2009, with a thesis on turbulence, and a Ph.D in Applied Mathematics in 2013, with a thesis on granular matter. He worked as postdoctoral fellow at New York University and the Ecole Federale Polytechnique de Lausanne, with Matthieu Wyart, on the rheology of granular flow and the elasticity of glass. In 2017 he became a Junior Research Associate at the Institut de Physique Theorique Philippe Meyer at the Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, where he initiated the study of the statistical physics of language syntax. He joined the faculty at Ryerson University in 2019, where he is currently Assistant Professor.

Eric De Giuli is interested in emergence and self-organization in complex systems. Currently his group is studying the origin of metabolism in chemical reaction networks, learning of syntax in human languages, and the plasticity of amorphous solids. You can find more information about Dr. Eric De Giuli at this website.

To read the abstract for his CUPC 2021 keynote lecture, Phase Transitions, Everywhere,” click here.

Dr. Miranda Kirby (she/her)

X University

Miranda Kirby PhD is an Assistant Professor and Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Quantitative Imaging in the Department of Physics at X University (Toronto, ON). She is also Theme Lead in Biomedical Imaging and Therapy at the Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Science and Technology (iBEST) (St. Michael’s Hospital), and co-Chair of the Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance—a North American initiative to advance quantitative imaging.  Dr. Kirby is an expert in quantitative multi-modality imaging of lung disease. The quality of her research has been recognized by external funding from the Parker B. Francis Foundation—awarded to the top US and Canada-based new scientists who have the potential to become international leaders, and  her lab is funded by CFI, NSERC, CIHR Operating, Team and Catalyst awards, Early Researcher Awards, as well as the Lung Health Foundation. You can find more information about Dr. Miranda Kirby at this website.

To read the abstract for her CUPC 2021 keynote lecture, “Quantitative Computed Tomography Imaging of Lung Disease:  Emerging Methods and New Insights,” click here.

Dr. Nathalie N.-Q. Ouellette (she/her)

Université de Montréal

Nathalie Ouellette is an astrophysicist and avid science communicator. Her research is on the formation and evolution of galaxies, particularly those found in groups and clusters such as the Virgo Cluster. Nathalie is currently the Coordinator of the Institute for Research of Exoplanets at the University of Montreal and the Canadian Outreach Scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency and NASA. She serves as an analyst, contributor and speaker for various media outlets and organisations, working to promote science and astronomy to the general public and youth from local to international levels. Dr. Ouellette’s research/scientific interests include: Science Communication, Outreach and Advocacy; Galaxy Formation and Evolution; Exoplanets; Astronomy and Astrophysics.

To read the abstract for her CUPC 2021 keynote lecture, “At the Dawn of a Cosmic Revolution,” click here.

Dr. Takamasa Momose

University of British Columbia

Dr. Takamasa Momose is a professor of Chemistry at UBC, Affiliated Scientist at TRIUMF. His research/scientific interests include: Laser cooling, antimatter, symmetry breaking, cold molecules and atoms. You can learn more about Dr. Takamasa Momose’s work and research group here.

To read the abstract for his CUPC 2021 keynote lecture, “Laser Cooling of Antihydrogen,” click here.