The CUPC 2023 Organizing Team

Welcome, everyone! This fall, the University of Waterloo will be hosting the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference (CUPC). Our skilled and dedicated team is excited to highlight what our city and campus can offer, while showcasing some of the exceptional research being done by the Canadian physics community. We hope to provide delegates with an enjoyable and memorable conference experience in the safest manner possible. Below are profiles of the CUPC organizing team members & we can’t wait to meet you in late October!


Kat Bogopolskaya (she/her) | CUPC 2023 Chair
Honours Mathematical Physics (B.Sc.), University of WaterlooHi everyone! I’m Kat, a third year Mathematical Physics student at the University of Waterloo. I chose to pursue physics because I wanted to learn about our universe and how it operates, and I was drawn to the objective beauty of applied math and science. Being involved in extracurricular initiatives is a large part of my undergraduate career, and I’d like to pursue physics education research to combine all the disciplines I love. When I’m not studying or in a meeting, you can find me reading, rock climbing or hanging with friends.

As the Chair of the Committee, I am beyond excited to bring you the 59th annual CUPC on behalf of UW’s Department of Physics and Astronomy. My job is to lead the executive team, assign and oversee all their tasks and most importantly, ensure a successful and safe experience at CUPC 2023 for you all. If you see me around, please don’t hesitate to stop me for a chat. See y’all soon!

PS: Please ignore the look on my face throughout the conference. I have RSF (resting stressed face).

Gabriel Gorbet (he/him) | CUPC 2023 Co-Vice Chair
Honours Physics and Astronomy (B.Sc.), University of WaterlooHi! I’m Gabe, and I’m in my third year of Physics and Astronomy at UW. I’ve always been in awe of the beauty of the universe, and physics gives me the tools and language to explore it. I’m especially interested in high energy physics and widening the cracks in the Standard Model, but I’ve also gained a keen interest in Quantum Information during my co-ops. I dream of working on one of the LHC experiments at CERN. Aside from several extracurriculars, in my spare time I love reading, coding, and cooking for my wife.

As Co-Vice Chair with Izzy, I manage communications with the venue and invitee selection, as well as co-ordinate tasks between members of the CUPC2023 Executive Committee. I meet regularly with the Committee, the other Chairs, and the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) to plan this event and make things run smoothly behind the scenes. If you see me around at this year’s conference, ask me about my research with the Institute for Quantum Computing!

Isabelle Marincic (she/her) | CUPC 2023 Co-Vice Chair
Honours Life Physics Co-op (B.Sc.), University of WaterlooHello! I’m Izzy, a fourth year Biophysics student at UW. I chose to go into physics because I love space and the possibility that there is life beyond Earth. I hope to go to grad school for astrobiology and work for SETI! When I’m not drowning in school work, I like to go to the gym, go climbing, or read a book by my fave author Stanislaw Lem.

My role on the CUPC committee is to assist the chair with any kind of task, as well as a partial lead for the rest of the team. We have a great group of students on the executive committee and we are so excited to host this years CUPC! Pleaseeee say hi if you see me or the other execs at the conference. I can talk your ear off about books.

Courtney Kates (she/her) | CUPC 2023 Internal Affairs Officer
Honours Physics (B.Sc.), University of WaterlooHello! I’m Courtney and I’m going into my 3rd year here at Waterloo! I love physical chemistry, electricity and magnetism, and anything I can experimentally determine! Ultimately, I want to help determine how things interact with each other and how that influences our daily lives. My career goals are to go into the development of improved circuit components or anything electricity related.

Outside of being a physics nerd, I play D&D (path of the barbarian which is so fun), watch speedruns of Nintendo games, lift at the gym, and bake. So even in my free time, I’m still a nerd. I’m in charge of internal affairs for CUPC this year, meaning my job is to make sure everything runs smoothly and all the execs know what’s happening. My favourite part of my job is making spreadsheets to keep us organized! If you see me at CUPC, say hi and let me know your favourite baked goods or your favourite weight lift!

Madison Schuetze (she/her) | CUPC 2023 Finance Officer
Honours Mathematical Physics (B.Sc.) Pure Math Minor, University of WaterlooHey there! I’m Madi, a third year mathematical physics student pursuing a pure math minor at the University of Waterloo. I’m fascinated by quantum mechanics and the astonishing ways the world works at the subatomic level; I enjoy looking at the world through mathematics to ground my thoughts in reality as I learn about quantum phenomena!

As the Financial executive officer of CUPC 2023, I am responsible for creating a budget, allocating funds to different portions of the conference, managing income and expenditure, organizing documentation of finances, and ensuring that all of CUPC’s financial needs are met. I have much experience with financial management from my previous and ongoing student government roles, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to use my experience to make CUPC 2023 an amazing event!

Rye Godin (he/him) | CUPC 2022 Webmaster and Tech Officer
Honours Physics and Astronomy (B.Sc.), University of WaterlooHeyo fellow website visitors! My name is Rye, I am a third year Physics and Astronomy major at the University of Waterloo. Astronomy has always been a large interest of mine; the wonders of space just waiting to be solved. In my past I have done some personal research into the deep endless pit known as the “Information Loss Paradox”, which really guided me towards the whole physics side of space. Here at the University, I have been involved with the school and helping out in any way I can, so when I heard CUPC was coming to Waterloo; well you can guess what happened next…

As the Webmaster and Tech Executive of this year’s CUPC, I am super excited to bring you all the content you are seeing on this site. My job is to add content as the other executives plan and finalize the plans for the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference 2023. As well as, ensuring all tech at the conference is working and being run correctly. Keep posted around this site as Oliver and I will be updating frequently!

Sarah Moritsugu (she/they) | CUPC 2023 Marketing, Design & Socials Officer
Honours Physics and Astronomy (B.Sc.), University of WaterlooHey! I’m Sarah, a third year Physics and Astronomy student at the University of Waterloo. I fell in love with Astronomy in 11th grade during Earth and Space Science, and decided to pursue it in university. I’m also doing a minor in studio fine arts to keep my creative side active. I do a lot of work in the media side of science extracurriculars, and I’d love to keep that going and work in science communications after I graduate. If I’m not designing stuff, studying, or sleeping, I’m playing TTRPGs, video games, or hanging out with the homies.

As Marketing & Design, I handle all the art relating to the conference, our social media, and our merchandise! I’ll also be in control of our photographers day of. If you see me during the conference, come over and say hi! I’m pretty recognizable and love to talk to everyone.

Luca Galler (she/her) | CUPC 2023 External Affairs Officer
Honours Physics and Astronomy (B.Sc.), University of WaterlooHi there! My name is Luca and I’m currently in my third year of undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo, majoring in Physics and Astronomy and minoring in Biology. I have always loved learning how things worked and have been entranced by our universe’s wonders. I hope to pursue a career that uses interdisciplinary approaches to solve complex problems and create sustainable solutions. But as of right now, I don’t know what that will look like! In my spare time, I like to read, hike, crochet, and hang out with my cat Snoopy.

For CUPC 2023, it is my pleasure to be one of our External Affairs Executives. I’m responsible for external communication with vendors, speakers, and sponsors to ensure we are making the best possible conference for you. Additionally, I will ensure we have a smooth-running itinerary with plenty of events for the four days we have together. I can’t wait to see you in Waterloo!


Khurshid Usmanov (he/him) | CUPC 2023 External Affairs Officer
Honours Mathematical Physics (B.Sc.), University of WaterlooMy name is Khurshid and I am a 4th-year international student majoring in Mathematical Physics and minoring in Pure Mathematics and Astrophysics. I believe that my passion and interest in becoming a theoretical physicist were nurtured by my family of scientists and academicians, whose dedication to science and their teaching has always inspired me along my path. Whenever I’m not studying physics or math, I’m involved in various initiatives on campus such as the Science Ambassadors team and Physics club.

As one of the external affairs executives, I’m responsible for organization and communication with sponsors, speakers, venues, and all external parties who wish to contribute to CUPC 2023. I look forward to sharing more about myself at this years conference with you!

Maggie Bérubé (she/her) | CUPC 2023 External Affairs Officer
Honours Physics and Astronomy (B.Sc.), University of WaterlooHello! My name is Maggie and I’m a 3rd-year student in Physics and Astronomy Co-op at the University of Waterloo. I am a big fan of any physics that ties into astronomy and our understanding the contents of the Universe. I love working hands-on in a lab with detectors or experimental set-ups. I also enjoy learning new ways to use programming for data analysis and the satisfaction of solving a coding problem.

Giving back to the Waterloo community is an important part of my academic terms. I have been involved with UW’s PhysClub, Science Society, Jazz Band, and Residence Life Staff team. Outside of physics, I enjoy hiking, camping, and stargazing.
I am so excited to be a part of the 2023 CUPC executive team in the External Affairs group! In my role, I’m working with other execs in the External Affairs group to organize sponsors, speakers, and venues. I am looking forward to an awesome and exciting CUPC this year!

Dr. Brenda Lee (she/her) | CUPC 2023 Faculty Liaison

Continuing Lecturer, University of Waterloo

Hello, everyone! I am the Faculty Liaison for CUPC 2023 and excited to be a part of this upcoming conference! I am a Continuing Lecturer and Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies of the Department of Physics & Astronomy, and did my BSc and PhD in the field of Nanobiophysics here in Waterloo. Now, I get to teach subjects that I love to students from all walks of life in the city I grew up in. Outside of academics, I love video games, Pokémon and sci-fi/superhero movies. I look forward to welcoming everyone to Waterloo!

Note from Student Executives: “If you see Brenda at the conference, please thank her for all she has done! This conference wouldn’t have been possible without her unrelenting support.”


Oliver Tattersall (he/him) | CUPC 2023 Website Developer
Computer Science (B.Sc.) Physics Minor, University of WaterlooHi everyone! My name is Oliver and I am a second year student at the University of Waterloo pursuing a major in Computer Science and a minor in Physics. I have always loved all things physics and math and hope to explore the quantum realm, quantum computing and machine learning. I love being a part of extracurriculars to meet new people and help others connect. In my free time, I like to rock climb, read, play video games and hang out with friends.

As the Website Developer for CUPC 2023, I will be helping create this site and keep it updated. My job is to help Rye with everything tech related and create a great website for you guys. Keep posted around this site as Rye and I will be updating it frequently!

Vaughn Gerrits (he/him) | CUPC 2023 Marketing, Design and Socials Volunteer
Honours Mathematical Physics (B.Sc.), University of WaterlooHello everyone. I am Vaughn, a second year student studying mathematical physics. What I enjoy most about my studies is the chance to explore the interesting and unexpected ways nature manifests itself in both physics and math. Currently I hope to be able to pursue a career in math/physics communication, but who knows where my studies may lead me! I like to spend my limited free time at the gym, listening to music, or exploring the outdoors.

My job as Socials Volunteer is to help work on marketing for CUPC 2023, as well as media at or surrounding the conference. If you see me during the conference come say hi, I usually don’t bite.

Muhammad Ameen Yaseen (he/him) | CUPC 2023 Volunteer Coordinator
Mathematical Physics (B.Sc.), University of WaterlooHello folks! My name is Ameen and I’m a fourth year Mathematical Physics student at Waterloo. Curiosity is what brought me to pursue a degree in physics as I love trying to understand why things work the way they do. This of course led to a lot of broken appliances around the house that I eventually did put back together once I was actually able to (sorry mum)!

As volunteer coordinator, I’ll be helping out with managing our fantastic team of volunteers who are going to help make this conference run as smoothly as possible! If you do see me around definitely do say hello!

During my spare time, I enjoy reading, cooking and playing music; currently trying to teach myself piano. Looking forward to seeing you all at the conference!

Jamiel Nasser (he/him) | CUPC 2023 Volunteer Coordinator
Honours Physics (B.Sc.), University of WaterlooHello everyone! I’m Jamiel, a fourth-year physics student at the University of Waterloo. Physics has always been a passion of mine because it is a massive field of science with applications in everything we touch! I chose to pursue a general physics degree without any specialization because I wanted the flexibility to learn about different fields. My coops have all been in different research fields in physics, with quantum optics, particle accelerators, and recently, medical physics. After my undergraduate degree, I hope to continue my medical physics work in grad school. Here at UWaterloo I am also involved in the skateboarding club, and I also like to do photography in my free time, both of which I would love to chat about.

This year’s CUPC will not be possible without the help of many volunteers, and as a Volunteer Coordinator, I will be helping to ensure that all the volunteers create an environment that is fun and safe for the attendees. Come say hi if you see me at the conference!

Anthony Girmenia (he/him) | CUPC 2023 Volunteer Coordinator
Honours, Physics and Astronomy Coop (B.Sc.), University of WaterlooHello! My name is Anthony Girmenia. I’m a fourth-year Physics and Astronomy student here at the University of Waterloo. I was initially drawn to physics because I loved the idea of being a researcher. I wanted to work on the frontier of humanity’s knowledge of the world, solving problems that nobody has solved before! I was particularly interested in astronomy, as it is a playground of exciting and profound questions about the universe.

Through my coursework and co-op experience, I have developed a specific interest in the solar system and exoplanets. I want to learn about the processes that created the world we live on, and if similar worlds exist somewhere out there in the galaxy. Outside of school, I do a variety of hobbies, including playing guitar, chess, videogames, skateboarding, and more! I love learning new things, and hearing about other people’s hobbies!

As a volunteer coordinator, I will be leading a team of volunteers who will be ensuring CUPC is a safe and enjoyable experience for everybody. If you see me around, feel free to stop me for a chat!