Early Events

Our team is very excited to be hosting two pre-conference events for our undergraduate delegates.* These events are meant to acquaint delegates with each other before the conference begins. Talk with other attendees about what they might be presenting at CUPC 2021 and plan which student presentations you will attend during the conference!

Registered undergraduate CUPC 2021 delegates can RSVP to our pre-conference events through this form.

Game Night

With both large and small group games lined up, this event is a great way to meet other delegates with similar interests and bring a casual start to CUPC 2021. This game night will be a fun way to get back into the physics mindset before summer comes to an end and make connections with other physics students from across Canada. But most of all, it’s a great way to get excited for CUPC 2021!

Networking Night

This event will provide delegates with a chance to engage with each other and make connections prior to the conference through networking activities. This will allow some time for attendees to converse with like-minded individuals, learn about the research being conducted by fellow physics undergraduates, and more. With this happening prior to the conference, we hope to build community to ensure a successful and enjoyable conference weekend.

*These events are open to registered undergraduate CUPC 2021 delegates. You may RSVP to this event before registering for CUPC, however, further information regarding pre-conference events will only be sent to verified delegates closer to the events. You must be registered for CUPC 2021 at least 7 days prior to the pre-conference event you plan to attend.