CUPC 2022 Delegate Information

Welcome to the Delegate Information Main Page!

This page contains information about everything that delegates need to know about the CUPC 2022: speaker and panelist biographies, the conference schedule, and guidelines for oral and poster presentations.

Note on Masking During the Conference

To mitigate the risks of delegates spreading COVID to one another during the conference, the organizing team of CUPC 2022 strongly recommends that all conference participants wear medical-quality face masks when participating in indoor events.  We have purchased CA-N95 masks (both M and L sizes) from CANADAMASQ to distribute to conference attendees that don’t have their own masks.  These are face masks with ear loops and are not fitted, so remember that they are a very good mitigation tool but not a guarantee against infection.

Masking is the easiest form of mitigating the spread of COVID that we have at our disposal.  Wearing a mask in an unmasked crowd does provide some level of protection against infection, but the protection is improved many times over if everybody in the crowd is wearing a mask.  We are asking for everybody’s help to ensure that all of our conference delegates, keynote speakers, panelists, and volunteers can safely enjoy CUPC.

COVID Policy

To avoid CUPC 2022 becoming a super-spreader event, we ask that anybody that is feeling unwell NOT attend in-person events.  This is a hybrid conference and students will be able to present their research in an online format, should the need arise.

Below, you will find the Schedule of Events for the conference.

The student poster presentation session will take place from 1:00 to 3:00 on Saturday.

CUPC 2022 Schedule of Events

Graphical Schedule for CUPC 2022