Bidding to Host CUPC 2023

Please consider submitting a bid to host CUPC 2023!  The CUPC 2022 organizing team are happy to help you by answering questions about the organization process or by sharing relevant documents (e.g. our budget) so that you have some idea of what you are looking at.

Here is a handy checklist for delegates interested in submitting a bid:

  • Read the 2023 CUPC Bid Guide!
  • Consult with your Department Chair/Head before CUPC – the CAP requires proof (typically a letter of support from your department) that you have the support of your department to host this conference.
  • As a student-run initiative, some universities may require that you submit a risk management plan or some other form of documentation.  Do your homework!
  • If you have the appropriate approvals in place, please send an email expressing your interest to so that we can set aside time for your presentation during the final banquet.  Presentations should aim for 10 minutes in length.