Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve pieced together a few questions and responses for those looking for more details about the conference. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact one of our student executives @ cupc2023@uwaterloo.ca!



Where can I register for the conference?

You can register for the conference here!

Do I get a discount for registering early?

If you are one of the first X delegates, you receive priority for accommodations.

When can I register?

Registration starts April 3rd and ends September 27th.

What if I forgot to register? Can I register past September 27th?

Unfortunately no, we are not accepting late registrations.

I now have a conflict with attending the conference, can I get a refund?

Good question, email us and we will let you know! (cupc2023@uwaterloo.ca)



How can I get from the airport to Delta Hotel?

From Pearson Airport, you can take public transit to the Delta Hotel, from the Waterloo International Airport, there is no public transit but it is a 25-30 minute taxi ride.

Can I get my travel subsidized?

CUPC 2023 is not offering travel subsidies. There may be individual subsidies available through your post-secondary institution. Contact your department for more details.



Am I guaranteed a room at Delta?

We only guarantee rooms to the first X many delegates. We will try our best to accommodate but are limited by hotel capacity.

Will my room be subsidized?

For those provided a room at Delta, each student will receive $50 towards accommodation.

Do I have to share a room?

Priority will be given to students sharing rooms and those who require a single room. You will not be forced to share a room but will not have priority.

Can I stay somewhere else?

You can stay wherever you like to participate in CUPC 2023.



Where can I find the itinerary?

You can find the itinerary linked here.

Where do I find sign-ups and requirements for student posters and presentations?

We will have an answer for this soon enough.

Do I have to attend every event?

We hope you can attend every event but it is okay if you need time to yourself.


Other Concerns

Who do I contact if I have accessibility concerns?

If you have any concerns, contact cupc2023@uwaterloo.ca

I require space to practice my religion, will a space be provided?

The University of Waterloo has multifaith spaces that a volunteer can escort you to. Other spaces will be provided at other locations.

An incident occurred, what do I do?

Either email cupc2023@uwaterloo.ca or use the CUPC 2023 Discord bot to report the incident.

Where can I find information on the Code of Conduct?

You can find our EDI, Code of Conduct and Guidelines here!